Juwelier Ralf Häffner's pick-up & return service

You want to buy a watch or gem at from us or seek to offer something in return for the following: purchase, acceptance as payment, sale or return or lending against security. But for geographical reasons or lack of time, you are not able to pick your valuable up in Stuttgart or bring it to the city?

We are happy to send (worldwide) your valuable or have it picked up (in Germany) conveniently and fully insured by our distributing company for valuable goods. And it mostly takes only 1-2 workdays to be at the address provided by you!

For pick-up / delivery of insured goods within Germany, we charge 25 Euro one way.
For costs for worldwide delivery, please refer to our delivery costs list.


  fastest service

  no risk involved

  lowest effort for both buyer and seller

If you agree on our binding quote we may proceed with the procedure instantly! If we do not find any mutual agreement, we will send you your watch / piece of jewel fully insured back!

For more information, please email our head of delivery, Stana Miljus.

Email: Stana.Miljus@watch.de