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How it all started...

Growing up in a solid middle class family, Ralf Häffner has succumbed to the temptations of fine gold, diamonds and precious watches already at the age of 7.

An initial impetus for his later passion provided the shop window display of a leading jeweller in Stuttgart, which made him wonder about the very existence of such invaluable item as well as the fact that there seemed to be people purchasing them. This impression lasted for so long that, as a boy, he decided to pursue a profession in this field.

As a consequence, at the age of 10 he made some cash by selling a silver ring. This incidence marked the outset of a "golden" career.

In 1971, Ralf Häffner were proud to put on his first golden Rolex watch, and he managed to increase the sale of ever more valuable items.

Even before his 30th birthday, the man who seemed always on the go opened his first jewellery studio. His passion for fine watches has led him to include them into his portfolio. Other than his competitors, Ralf Häffner has always believed that it should be his mission to provide his customers a price advantage by cutting his margins. His watch occasions were born and have been developed to become the core competency of Juwelier Ralf Häffner. Much to the pleasure of his customers, but to the detriment of his colleagues.

The unbending will to succeed and unconditional commitment and industry has brought him in 1989 the upscale Stuttgart locations and the first prestigious shop at Calwer Strasse. Ralf Häffner has finally hit the piano nobile of retail business.

Innovative strength and business acumen bore in 1992 the concept "Rent a Juwelier", jewellery from private to private, which has been located at Stuttgart Königstrasse 45 and contributed to the success of the company group up to today.

These traits made Ralf Häffner sense already way back in 1994 that the Internet entails undreamed-of option for global success, which he set out to explore. The entire world became his vision and target. Today, is Europe's leading online shop for brand name watches and jewellery, now providing valuables in more than 100 countries.

In 1998, the company moved to Eberhardstrasse 4, which constitutes the head office of the company.

After having pondered about further options to offer valuables worldwide, Ralf Häffners privates Pfandhaus was founded in 2003. THE pawn shop for watches and jewellery at Gerberstrasse, including the nationally unique remote online pawnbroking.

It closes the "circle" of valuables made of precious metals.

The Ralf Häffner group of companies ranks among the top eight best-selling jewellers in Germany.

Since 2004, the long-time sponsor of sports has been active with the support and marketing of top athletes, and Ralf Häffner takes pride in having accompanied one of its protégés, women boxer Alesia Graf, to her championship title.

But Ralf Häffner wouldn't be Ralf Häffner, if the story ended here. New ideas and concepts are under construction and waiting for their turn.

The story goes on ...!

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