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Purchase, sale or return, acceptance as payment & lending against security

Please enter the relevant data as accurate as possible and upload a picture of the valuable you want to sell. You may select one, two, three or four of the variants we offer to obtain an unbinding offer. For orientation, please enter your preferred price. Please consider that, the more information you provide about your watch, the more precise my quote will be!

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Here you find an exact description of the 4 options
for handling your valuable

1.) Purchase
You bring us or take to us your watches including all documents and box (if existing) to Eberhardstrasse 4, Stuttgart-Mitte. Once we have it all for examination, we will immediately provide a binding offer. If you agree, we will instantly buy your valuable. We need your passport or a copy of it and a short paragraph stating that this watch is in your possession and that there is no entitlement by third parties. You may also set up an appointment with Mr Häffner by sending an email to info@watch.de

2.) Trade-in
You have decided to acquire a new watch at Juwelier Ralf Häffner and want to exchange one or several of your old watches against it. The procedure is identical to that of the purchase. We assess the value of your watch and will provide a fair price plus a small "Bonus" for purchasing a watch from our company. The price will then be immediately offset against your purchase or order at our shop. If there is any surplus on your side, you will be paid out at the time of the purchase. If it is less and you need to pay the difference, you are free to wire the amount, pay per credit card, cash at our local store or via EC card. 

3.) Sale or return
At Juwelier Ralf Häffner
For you as seller, this procedure is a completely FREE and particularly attractive way of selling your watch at Juwelier Ralf Häffner, have it on display in the shop window of our shop at Eberhardstrasse 4, Stuttgart-Mitte and also worldwide on Europe's largest online shop for luxury brand watches, www.watch.de, and all pertinent Internet portals, such as eBay, Yatego, Amazon, Chrono24 and other venues. It almost guarantees a quick sale your goods!
As basis for operations and for mutual legal security, a commission contract stipulates the fixed settlement price and our mutual agreement on it. We will have insured your watch at Allianz. You will be paid without any deductions, after the final sale and the 4-week right- of-return period. Commission contracts help you gain a higher price, because the fact that JRH is not required to make a capital commitment allows us to work with a smaller margin. As the seller, or consignor, you will remain entirely anonymous and are not subject to any liabilities or recourse claims. The term of the commission contract is 6 months. If your valuable happens to be still on the shelf, which has hardly ever happened as our sales rate is at 95%, we may either extend the contract or return the watch to you free of charge.

At Rent a Juwelier
Watches and jewellery from private to private: Put your watch or jewel on display in our shop window at Stuttgart's Königstrasse 41 - most upscale location! We will also advertise your valuable (you remain anonymous) worldwide in Europe's largest online shop, www.watch.de! It almost guarantees a quick sale your goods! Rent a Juwelier charges you a mere 25 Euro per month/valuable and 15% of the fixed sales price (due only after successful sale). And here as well, insurance covers most of the contingencies that may happen to your jewellery! Rent a Juwelier (www.rent-a-juwelier.de) is particularly suitable for the sale of luxury gems & jewels. It has become the mainstay of Rent a Juwelier! 
For more information, telephone Mrs. Tomic Tel. +49 711/29 28 34 or send a mail info@watch.de.

If you have any further questions, Mrs. Tomic or Mrs. Busch (phone: +49 711/29 28 34) will be happy to assist you. or write an email to info@watch.de.

4.) Lending against security - at Häffner's Pawnshop
The money you get from a pawnbroker is a loan, which gives you instant cash in return for a valuable object. The granted loan is only secured by the valuable, not by you as the receiver of the loan. You will also NOT be registered with the SCHUFA and remain entirely anonymous. The procedure is quite simple. You enter "Häffners Privates Pfandhaus" at Gerberstrasse 5 in Stuttgart-Mitte, bring along your passport and watch or jewel and leave the building with instant cash in your pocket!
The monthly cost for the loan is composed of interest and fees. The interest is determined by law and remains unchanged since 1961 at 1% of the cashed out loan a month.

You are also welcome to use our national pick-up & return service. 

For more information, visit www.exklusivpfand.de, telephone Mr. Beißwanger and Mrs. Entenmann under +49 711/726 99 80 or email to info@exklusivpfand.de

The company group Ralf Häffner offers you 4 ideal and simple solutions that perfectly match your individual needs, to make the most of your valuable! For all these 4 options, we guarantee a quick and smooth processing at fair prices!

We look forward to talking to you.
Your team of the Ralf Häffner company group